Centre for Social Justice echoes Infant and Toddler Forum with call for clearer guidance

The Vanishing Family Agenda, a report published today by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is very much welcomed by the Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF).

The Vanishing Family Agenda report, launched into the public domain today, outlines the key role that ‘the family’ has as a social determinant for public health. Its potential impact both for the early years and throughout life is outlined as a factor in the prevention of obesity, rickets and dental decay through to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. Today’s report – supported by Danone and Bounty – not only calls for clear and practical guidance for parents, but also suggests that steps towards an emphasis on consistency are required.

This year, the ITF turned its attention proactively towards the focus of families with children under three, providing simple, practical, evidence-based support for health and childcare professionals to encourage positive feeding habits from an early age.

Heightening the importance of the toddler years and producing evidence based guidance for healthcare professionals and families is a task that the ITF, an independent group of experts in child nutrition, health and wellbeing, has championed since its launch in 2004.

Dr Atul Singhal, Professor of Paediatric Nutrition at the UCL Institute of Child Health, and Chair of the ITF said “This report clearly recognises the importance of nutrition in the early years and highlights the difficulties for parents of toddlers to find clear, practical guidance and information. If we are going to make a difference to children’s health and wellbeing, young families need to have support and access to credible, practical advice on good toddler nutrition and eating behaviours. The ITF remain committed to supporting health and child care professionals, and families, with its free online resources.”

For more information and expert advice on feeding toddlers, visit the Infant & Toddler Forum’s website: www.infantandtoddlerforum.org

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