Work With Us

We know our work makes a difference, both today and for future generations, but there is so much more we need to do. With your help, we can reach more parents and families who need the support as well as work with more providers who play such an important part in shaping children’s relationship with food.

• Companies / Corporates
Work with us – We can help you engage externally and internally, putting health at the heart of your company’s mission and vision

• Grantmakers / Foundations / Trusts
Fund our programmes – You can be instrumental in helping us to scale up our interventions to ensure all children get the healthiest start in life

• Philanthropists: Are you committed to ‘early life’?
Support our work – We make child obesity prevention ACTIONABLE for parents, HCPs and early years workers

Our team will work very closely with you to ensure your aims and objectives are met, and that we achieve the outcomes that your funding is intending to support.

Your support is invaluable to our work and if you are interested in finding out more we encourage you to contact Some examples of current funding opportunities include:

  • Ten Steps Resources – Funding to nationally roll-out our successful Ten Steps Programme which provides invaluable training to parents, healthcare professionals and providers
  • Accessibility – To broaden accessibility of the ITF’s materials we are keen to fund translations, print and audio versions of the ITF resources and materials
  • Toddler Menu Planner – Funding to broaden the reach and impact of our unique practical resource – The ‘Toddler Menu Planner’ – which supports parents in planning nutritious meals for their toddler (aged 1-4)
  • CHAT – Scaling up our transferrable intervention – CHAT – which uses a combination of an online educational programme and training sessions to increase practitioner confidence in engaging and supporting families to make healthy lifestyle changes


We like to work in partnership by:

  • Developing and delivering evidence-based programmes and resources for, and with, healthcare professionals, parents and providers which focus on healthy habits during pregnancy and early life.
  • Our resources undergo external peer review by national experts to ensure the information is accurate, balanced and consistent with health priorities, in the context of current and emerging policy.
  • Collaborating with experts to create free and accessible accurate, balanced and consistent health information and training programmes
  • Working closely with professional groups, commercial organisations and policy makers who share our vision
  • Developing tailor-made behaviour change interventions to encourage healthier choices from pregnancy to preschool
  • We develop bespoke training programmes aimed at equipping parents and practitioners with the skills and confidence to promote healthy habits in children