Early-Years Nutrition Course (EYNC)

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The aim of the Early-Years Nutrition Course (EYNC) is to provide healthcare professionals (HCPs) and early-years practitioners (EYPs) with a foundation knowledge of nutrition and its contribution to health. The course has a particular focus on early-years nutrition – from pregnancy through to preschool and will provide insight into the unique nutritional needs and guidance that apply to infants and young children.

The first few years of life are a period of extraordinary growth and development and play a key role in shaping a person’s future health and wellbeing outcomes. Importantly, physical processes such as digestion and motor skill development are established, as well as food habits and taste preferences being formed for the future.



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The EYNC has been accredited as Endorsement of Nutrition Education by the British Dietetic Association (BDA), providing assurance for the user that the content of the eLearning has been reviewed by an independent BDA assessor. Upon completing the EYNC a certificate will be issued. The time that users invest into completing eLearning modules and the course entire can be attributed to their Continuing Professional Development. BDA endorsement applies only to the educational nutrition content of the learning activity.



About the Early-Years Nutrition Course (EYNC)

Those who work with young children and their parents have an important role in ensuring that the unique dietary requirements of the under-5s are being met. The Early-Years Nutrition Course has been developed to support the work of HCPs and EYPs, by providing evidence based nutrition knowledge and practical advice.


Key learning objectives of the EYNC


The course will aim to deliver the following key learning objectives:

  • Achieve a foundation in nutrition knowledge, with a focus on the early-years.
  • Demonstrate a baseline of knowledge around the different nutritional needs that are required through the developmental stages; pregnancy through to the preschool years.
  • Increase confidence in initiating and handling conversations relating to nutrition and diet in the early-years with parents in practice.