Positive Feeding in the Early Years: Sharing and Implementing Best Practice

Friday 11th November 2011
Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, London.

Study Day 2011

The Infant & Toddler Forum (ITF) continues to work alongside its professional partners to encourage implementation of best practice in early years feeding.

The ITF’s 2011 Study Day provided insight into the need for guidance and its practical implementation. Plenary sessions addressed the importance of infant and toddler nutrition for long-term health, the steps being taken at a national level to enhance quality in early years settings, and specific examples of adopting best practice.

Our new interactive seminar programme gave delegates the opportunity to gain knowledge on practical strategies, such as menu planning and effective communication, to help improve feeding habits for toddlers.

Plenary Sessions


Toddler diets and their impact on long-term health

Research continues to produce evidence that supports our existing knowledge about toddler diets and their significant impact on long-term health. What are the most pertinent new findings? How will recent data affect the way we make decisions over best practice for feeding during the early years?
Julie Lanigan, Specialist Dietitian, Institute of Child Health

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Foundations for the Future: developing the early years strategy

4Children spearheads Foundations for the Future, a Government initiative aiming to shape early years and childcare policy. The organisation helps the charities involved – who seek input from families and professionals working in the early years sector – to advise government on the development of its early years strategy.
Sue Robb, Head of Early Years, 4Children

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Implementing best practice: Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers and how to use them

How do the Infant & Toddler Forum’s Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers work in practice? The Pre-school Learning Alliance has been running a ‘Ten Steps’ pilot since 2010 and is in the process of rolling the tool out nationally. Here they present their initial outcomes and explain how the ‘Ten Steps’ work as an example of best practice in early years settings.
Melanie Pilcher, Policy and Standards Manager, Pre-school Learning Alliance

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New guidance from the Infant & Toddler Forum – portion sizes and menu planning

Introducing two new practical resources to help you make positive changes to toddler feeding habits.
Judy More, Paediatric Dietitian

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Positive mealtimes with toddlers – responsive feeding and distraction

How can we improve mealtimes by helping toddlers listen to their inner signals? Is distraction of a toddler during feeding ever justified and does it work to increase intake?
Dr Gillian Harris, Consultant Paediatric Clinical Psychologist

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Encouraging positive change – how to communicate in a way that motivates parents and carers

It’s challenging to motivate families to improve feeding habits and adopt healthier lifestyles. Everybody’s different; in this interactive, high energy session, learn the best approaches to help influence parents and carers to make the changes they need to.
Zelda Wilson, Dietitian and Director of Leading Edge Training and Coaching

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  • 2011 Study Day Report