Supporting families of young children to develop healthy eating habits

Thursday 25th October 2012
Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, London.

Study Day 2012

This year’s Infant & Toddler Forum Study Day focused on how health and child care professionals can work together with families to promote and support healthy eating in children. It focused on the importance of the early years diet on future development and the impact the family environment has on positive eating habits. There was an interactive seminar programme providing practical guidance on how to convey key messages to parents and carers about what and how to feed toddlers.

Plenary Sessions


The importance of nutrition in the early years, for Fair Society, Healthy Lives

Early child development influences subsequent life chances and health. This session will address the health inequalities that result from social inequalities and how the food eaten in the early years of a child’s life is important for their future.

Dr Ruth Bell
Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Health Equity, UCL

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Shaping positive futures for families

Good parenting lies at the heart of positive outcomes for children. This session focuses on helping parents facing complex and multiple problems to manage their own difficulties and learn the skills they need to bond with their babies and ensure they meet their developmental milestones in these critical years.

Helen Dent
Chief Executive, Family Action

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Working with families to promote positive eating habits

The first experience a child has of eating meals and trying new tastes and textures is in the family home. There are a number of psychological approaches that can be effective in breaking the family dynamic and cycle of behaviour around food whether it be dealing with fussy eating, under-eating or over-eating. This session will explore the issues and present case studies.

Dr Gillian Harris
Senior Consultant Paediatric Clinical Psychologist, The Children’s Hospital, Birmingham


Seminar Sessions

Seminar 1

The building blocks of a healthy balanced diet

What is a nutritious, balanced diet for toddlers? A hands on session looking at the essential components for good health and development both now and in the future.

Judy More
Paediatric Dietitian

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Seminar 2

How to effectively communicate with family members

It’s easy to get your message across if you ‘speak the language’ – learn simple techniques that will help to motivate family members to take small steps towards a healthier future.

Nick Booth
Experienced Learning and Development Consultant, Leading Edge Training and Coaching

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Seminar 3

Working with families to prevent obesity

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in our society today. This session will present simple, practical ways to help support families in preventing and managing obesity in the early years.

Professor Paul Gately
Leeds Metropolitan University and Founder of More Life

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