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CHAT: Healthy Conversations from Pregnancy to Preschool

A resource to support health and childcare professionals in their commitment to Making Every Contact Count (MECC). Our e-learning programme allows practitioners to test and enhance their knowledge of healthy behaviours in early life together with Healthy Conversation Skills.

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Evidence-based information and best-practice guidance on the feeding and nutrition of children aged one to three years. Our Factsheets are designed to be practical, working tools for health visitors, nursery nurses and other health and childcare professionals.

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Ask the Forum

Members of the Infant & Toddler Forum answer questions commonly asked by parents. Reliable, evidence-based information and support from the experts on issues like iron deficiency, portion sizes, dental health, weaning and fussy eating.

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Professional Organisations

Get your setting involved! The Ten Steps for Healthy Toddlers are perfectly placed to promote early years nutrition know-how amongst health and childcare professionals, parents and carers.

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Study Days

Annual Study Days from the Infant & Toddler Forum help facilitate interaction, share current thinking, and showcase best practice in early years nutrition and childhood development, and act as a platform for discussion and learning.

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Growth and its Measurement

Measuring the growth of infants, toddlers and children is an important part of child health surveillance. It can help to detect overweight and underweight, short stature and faltering growth potentially due to underlying medical problems. It can also provide reassurance about normality.

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